Hank Biggs and The Hardtops

Hank Biggs and The Hardtops


Playing genuine, traditional rockabilly in a style that takes you back to the era of Carl Perkins and Scotty Moore, the group recently released their premier CD entitled “ Rockabilly Country Club “ Available on CD Baby.com, Amazon.com and ITunes and consisting of 11 original ,swinging Rockabilly dance tunes.

“ This is one of those collections of songs that came about while cruising in my `55 Chevy on a road trip through the Northwest , writing in the front seat, back seat, hotel rooms and gas stations.”

“ I find those places are some of the best settings for writing songs “

Their second CD, entitled “Lucky Streak”, contains 15 new recordings that have a “live on the back porch” type of feel. It was released in April. 

Then Hank cut his new record, a 45 rpm on vinyl. The "A" side is titled "Drive, Drive, Drive" with "Barefoot Bop" on the flip side. It made its debut to a packed house at Viva Las Vegas 17.

Now, Hank and The Hardtops have released a new EP, titled “Let’s Go!”, which debuted at Viva Las Vegas 18.

Founder Hank Biggs boasts musical experience that dates back decades covering small towns and big cities from New York to California. He has played ,sang and refined his chops in many styles including Bluegrass, Western Swing and Surf music to name a few.

These days it`s all about dancing and having a good time to pure, unadulterated Rockabilly music.

This is the reason why Hank founded the band in 2009,carefully selecting expert, professional musicians to back him up.

Hank Biggs and The Hardtops are currently booking shows in Sacramento, San Francisco, Reno, Los Angeles and Beyond

With a backing band that features seasoned musicians on Gretsch Guitar, stand up bass, drums, piano  and vocals , The Hardtops have an infectious Rockabilly style that will get you moving even if you have never heard Rockabilly before.

Get ready for a raucous, rowdy, rockin` good time with

Hank Biggs and The Hardtops


Quotes :

“Hey Hank, It's my pleasure to feature your songs on my program, you new album is brilliant” - Chema Valbuena

Rock Therapy Radio – Spain www.rockin-therapy-radio.playtheradio.com

“ Great show.You`ve got a Hot Band “

Shelby Ash-www.facebook.com/shelbyashpresents

" These guys are the Real Deal "

Shipwreck Entertainment - www.facebook.com/shipwreckentertainment

"What a great band and great fun we had listening to the music. I hope you will be able to join us again next year"

Terri Reeves - Event Coordinator - Lincoln Area Chamber of Commerce  www.lincolnchamber.com

“ You Guys were Great. Love to have you back at future events “

Atomic Angels-www.facebook.com/TheAtomicAngels

“ Had a great time last night at The 23 Club. Great to meet you and play some music. Look forward to doing it again “ Gillbillies     www.facebook.com/pages/the-Gillbillies

“ Hank Biggs is great to work with “

Slimm Buick-        SlimmBuick.com/BicycleArtSalon.html

“ Thanks For Playing “

Tanoa Stewart-     www.facebook.com/atownbooking/info


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E-Mail- hankbiggsmusic@gmail.com


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